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Beijing netease Express International Freight Co., LTD. (Equick) was established in March 2009. It is a professional logistics service company engaged in international air freight and parcel delivery approved and registered by the Beijing Municipal Department of Industry and Commerce. In September 2010, Equick became one of the first companies in China to obtain the international express business license issued by the General Post Administration of China. The main management personnel of the company have rich experience in international express delivery and air transport operation and management, and can provide customers with comprehensive international air transport logistics solutions. The company is mainly committed to e-commerce logistics supply chain services of professional companies, through the introduction of foreign postal services, as well as the organization of professional service team, for e-commerce sellers and overseas Chinese to provide professional, safe and efficient logistics services, to ensure the smooth delivery of goods to customers. At the same time, low cost, high quality service products, to help sellers to develop more international business, enhance competitive advantage.

Beijing company address:624, block B, langting building, No. 8, Chaoyang Road, Guanzhuang street, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Beijing company tel:
enterprise QQ: 2881973949
Shanghai company address1:Room t3-708, Vanke wanchuang center, Lane 500, Xinlong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Shanghai company tel1:
Shanghai company address2:103-107, Row 1, Feili Supply Chain Park, 1658 Lianyou Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
Shanghai company tel2:
Shenzhen company address:Floor 1, Building 5, Hesheng Industrial Zone, No. 163, Yongfu Road, Bao 'an District, Shenzhen
Shenzhen company tel1:

mission of company:
Safe, economical and efficient delivery of network sellers' goods, help sellers to explore the international market; Care for overseas Chinese and provide quality service.
Customer view:
Customer first, professional, dedicated, concentrate, assist customers to deliver value, develop services and products to meet customer needs.
outlook on talents:
Employees and the enterprise grow together, respect talent, cherish talent, to provide a good working environment.

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